DJ Equipment Rental

If you need to add DJ equipment rental
to your sound system rental, we have you covered. If you want to:

  • Have your friends DJ at your event
  • Have a DJ coming in from out of town
  • Play a fly date at a private party with no extra work

Our pro DJ equipment rental packages fill riders for top DJs at major festivals. Our basic package is an affordable option. If you need a bigger setup, give us a call and we will put a custom package together to meet your rider requirements or wildest dreams. If you’re renting a sound system along with DJ equipment, we offer a discount on these rental rates.

Basic CDJ Package $375/day

Pro DJ equipment package CDJ  $600/day

Pioneer CDJ DJ Equipment Rental package

Pro DJ equipment package Technics $500/day

Depending on your particular event, professional event planners and DJ’s require specific pieces of equipment. Because of this, there are several reasons why you’ll find it advantageous to rent, rather than purchase DJ equipment:

Renting is affordable.
Every event is different, and every piece of DJ equipment you need for one event may not be needed for other events. When you choose to rent your DJ equipment from our rental service, you get what you need for each event. If you choose to own DJ equipment, however, you might need to purchase additional pieces for various events.

Renting offers you unlimited options.
A professional DJ rental equipment service can offer you virtually unlimited equipment options. A reputable company works with the most popular manufacturers to provide its customers with the most up-to-date equipment. Rather than searching hours at a time online for the best models of equipment, you can trust a professional DJ equipment rental service to explore a wide network of options for you.

Renting gives you state-of-the-art technology.
If you purchase your equipment, you might find that the piece you bought in June is outdated by September. DJ rental equipment services offer their customers the latest in cutting-edge technology. That means you can upgrade for future events without needing to purchase equipment that could quickly become outdated.

Renting is low maintenance.
When you own professional-quality equipment, it’s up to you to make sure you provide the required maintenance so the equipment can perform at peak level for as long as possible. When you rent, however, there’s no need for you to worry about maintenance, as the rental service will always offer you well-maintained equipment.

Rental services provide tech support.
Most purchased equipment comes with a limited warranty for tech support. What do you do if you experience a problem a week or two after the warranty ends? Unless you’re a tech expert, you might end up paying out a good sum of money to a professional tech service. Whether you need on-call tech support for an entire DJ sound system or just one piece of equipment, a professional audio rental service will gladly provide it for you.