When you’re ready to buy sound equipment and lighting equipment for your show, Bad Quail is your production partner.

Bad Quail offers the best tools available for event production, from wireless microphones and mixers to full PA systems and lighting rigs. Product specifications can only tell you so much about how a product will perform under real world conditions. We use the gear we sell, and we use our real-world experience to make sure we recommend equipment we actually want to use ourselves. Bad Quail has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right systems, that fit both budget and performance needs when you set out to buy a production equipment.

By choosing Bad Quail for your purchases, you are guaranteed to have competent local support. You won’t have hour long drives and long hold times waiting for a distant internet vendor to talk to you about a problem you are having. Bad Quail provides the excellent post-sale support that your business needs to stay up and running.

Bad Quail is a member of leading audiovisual industry associations including AVIXA, NAMM, The Audio Engineering Society and The Event Safety Alliance

Professional Equipment Sales

Microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles and cables to tie it all together, we sell professional products from some of they finest manufacturers on the planet. At Bad Quail, we maintain relationships with many professional brands, so your business can feel comfortable relying on the products we sell.

Unlike shipping at an out-of-state big box store, at Bad Quail, we know we have to support the equipment we sell. When we make a recommendation to our clients, we take into account their long term needs and goals. We sell equipment that will last years, if not decades and keep your performance rolling. The show must go on!!!

At Bad Quail, we offer product lines form many manufacturers, and we are fanatics about companies who make gear in the United States. Here is a list of companies we work with that create manufacturing jobs and innovation right here in in the USA. These companies all design and manufacture high quality professional AV equipment right here at home.

We are also factory authorized dealers for the following manufacturers:

We also carry equipment from many of these manufacturers in our rental inventory.