When you’re ready to purchase sound and lighting equipment for your show, Bad Quail is your production partner.

Bad Quail offers the best tools, from wireless microphones and mixers to full PA systems and lighting rigs. We use the gear we sell, and we use our experience to make sure we recommend equipment we’d actually want to use ourselves. Product specifications can only tell you so much about how a product will perform under real world conditions. Bad Quail has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right systems, that fit both budget and performance needs.

Bad Quail are experts in wireless microphone systems and wireless IEM solutions. We carry world class digital wireless equipment from Lectrosonics and Sennheiser. Wireless lavalier systems are perfect for presenters; whereas, wireless handheld mics and instrument systems give artists the freedom to move onstage, without worrying about cord tangling or getting tripped up by cables. Likewise, wireless in-ear monitor systems let you protect performer’s hearing while making it easier for performers to hear their mix.

A live sound system is a lot more than just a mixer and your mics. You’ll need speakers for sound reinforcement, and if you don’t go with in-ears, then you’ll need quality stage wedges for monitoring, too. PA speakers today come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Powered PA speakers and subwoofers make setup fast and easy – especially for systems that you need to regularly reconfigure. But the consistent performance and minimal cabling involved in traditional power-amplifier-based passive PA speaker systems are appealing to those who run installed sound systems. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay entirely analog or get the most from modern DSP-driven PA system management tools, Sweetwater makes it easy to sort it all out.

By choosing Bad Quail for your purchases, you are guaranteed to have competent local support for your gear. No hour long drives and no waiting around on the phone for a distant internet vendor to talk to you about a problem you are having. Bad Quail provides the excellent post-sale support that your business needs to stay up and running.

You can keep it simple and go with lighting instruments that respond to the beat of your music, or take full advantage of the extensive programming options available when you add DMX control to your system. Of course, no lighting rig is complete without fog or haze to go with it, and there are plenty of other effects you can add as well. Top it off with the right lighting stands and accessories, and you’re all set.

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Bad Quail are members of industry associations including AVIXA, NAMM and The Event Safety Alliance