How do you host an event where there’s no power?

Ahh, Joshua Tree, home of wide open spaces. While we have gorgeous views year round, some of the more scenic places are less than friendly to amplified sound and it gets dark quick when the sun goes down. At Bad Quail, we have solutions for providing entertainment out in the great wide open.

Wedding in the rocks
No power, no problem

Let’s say you’re looking to get married in Joshua Tree National Park. The amphitheaters in the park are in primitive areas with no electrical power. Fortunately, Bad Quail keeps inventory of the JBL EON ONE Pro speaker. It’s a battery powered column array that has impressive output with a minimal profile. You don’t want a bunch of loudspeakers despoiling your wedding photos, after all. We pair these speakers with Sennheiser AVX wireless, with battery powered receivers. The Sennheiser units provide professional quality sound and we can conceal a lavaliere microphone and body pack in the officiant’s holy book. This assures that your guests can hear the ceremony without having the rumble of a generator and a bunch of big, black speaker boxes ruining the glorious setting.

The JBL EON ONE Pro, sound anywhere

The JBL EON ONE Pro can handle many situations effortlessly. In addition to pairing with wireless microphones, the speaker has a 4 channel mixer on the back that can accept instruments and wired microphones, as well as bluetooth audio from your favorite device. All in all, it’s a really moment maker and one of our most popular rentals. We can do intimate weddings, small performances and background music for cocktail functions all with minimal impact to the environment and setting.


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