Increase audio coverage without increasing level

In the world of sound reinforcement, relying on one large speaker system with a high volume level is seldom the best approach. Deploying speaker systems for consistent audience coverage at a consistent level is much more critical in ensuring your performance is heard clearly. Strategically placing speakers around a room or venue, its possible to provide optimal audio coverage throughout the venue without resorting to excessive sound pressure levels that can cause hearing damage and nose complaints. 

By spreading out multiple smaller sound systems, its possible to reduce acoustic feedback issues and minimize distortion caused by overdriving a larger system amplifier. With more evenly-distributed audio sources around the room, sound engineers can also achieve an improved overall sound quality. Using a distributed audio system allows sound engineers to tailor the system to site specific acoustic characteristics, such as room size, shape, and reverberation time. Now, its possible to create an amazing listening experience by evenly distributing audio throughout the space while still being able to adjust volume levels in certain areas if necessary. This gives sound engineers greater control over how their audience hears the performance or event.

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